teacher, translator, electronics repairman?


pps2.png"Mr. A can do anything". So are the words often spoken by our school's esteemed directress, Ms. Horror. 

The veracity of this claim still remains unverified, but the belief is nonetheless getting stronger. 
And as expected, this brief introduction is followed by an anecdote about one of our students.

Yuuna has been coming to this school for a few months only, but she is very enthusiastic and motivated. On horror night she even kept a cool and seemingly unmoved demeanor while the other girls in her group were obviously very scared.

So the story goes like this. Yuuna's classmate Yui left for the USA recently, so it was only Yuuna and I last Friday. She came in and said goodbye to mom as usual. 

Then, as I prepared to start the class, she handed me a small piece of paper with something handwritten in pencil on it. As I deciphered the message it read "Mr. A, can you repair my DVD player??????". 

"Do you have your DVD player in your bag?" I asked. She said "no, it's at home". Now, doing service calls to student's homes to repair their electronic devices is really not a direction that I had considered about my career! 

I pondered on this momentarily as I found the thought somewhat amusing. Of course I can repair your DVD player, Yuuna!

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The Lone Pine tree(A Report from Morioka part 2)

Well, rain again. Heavy rain! The drive was fun, though. We played games in the car, and observed the beautiful scenery of misty mountains pass by.

Rikuzen Takada: ground zero of the March 2011 tsunami wave. My hosts had suggested we visit the site, and I willingly agreed. The place is a big mixture of sad and impressive. 

It's not everyday that one can see entire neighborhoods devoid of houses; residential streets, yes, but no houses-as though nothing had been built yet. But we know there used to be houses there a few years back.

The Lone Pine Tree is the main landmark of this area; symbol of survival against the fury of nature. Now almost deserted, this was formerly the site of a forest host to more than 70,000 pine trees. Now only one remains.

Despite its sad recent history, the area has retained much of its beauty. We were able to enjoy sushi at a beautiful seaside caf?.

And outside still more rain…Oh well, to the onsen!

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My! How low the clouds are today!(A Report from Morioka part 1)

"Morioka? Why not", I said! I had never been that far north in Japan before. As the shinkansen zoomed passed Sendai, the forests seemed to ever get denser, and so did the dark clouds in the sky. I guess July is the rainy season in Tohoku.

Old friends were waiting for me with smiles on their faces and open arms at the ticket gate. And the Super Hotel they helped me book was really super too! Our first afternoon together consisted of English conversation and a good deal of laughter.

In the evening we all had a sumptuous Korean-style dinner at the restaurant. One of the boys said he'd rather not have milk with his dinner because milk is for babies. But mom, dad, and the nice waitress assured him that he would get an adult milk. So he agreed to drink this instead of cola.

The day ended with me back at the hotel. We would have an 8 o'clock start the next day on our way to Rikuzen Takada.

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ストーリーは男子必読の"The Little Red Engine"。
Silent Listening Navigation(黙って文字追い)のやり方を説明するとき、

「人差し指の先には 見えないけれど ちいちゃい目が
その目が ちゃんとおぼえていてくれるんだ!」

なのでいつも 「楽できる道」を模索中、とも言えるかな。

授業は Charlie Mac'arthy の縄跳び歌でもりあがり
Ouch! の 叫び大会で幕をとじた。 

What are little boys made of,
What are little boys made of,
Frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails,
That's what boys are made of〜〜〜〜〜

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昨日、高校生からのうれしいメール。 校内スピーチコンテストで優勝、

ほんとに子供の成長は びっくりするようなスピードで進んでいるらしい。

今回の優勝は まず@テーマの社会的普遍性 Aスピーチのスキル

日本は水に恵まれた国。(水害も多いけれど・・) 思いがけない差異を


最後の仕上げの授業では 筆者も聴衆のひとりにさせられたけれど、
まー、よかった!  10月の全国大会にむけてギアーを切り替えよう!

ちびっ子たちの目標のひとつになれば 言う事なし!!

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