Bubbles in my Mind!

“I’m angry, I’m angry” she keeps repeating as she walks back and forth between the classroom and the office, sporting a big smile on her face.

The words of this three-year-old girl echoed through the school for a few Saturday afternoons.

Fortunately, we still managed to have a lot of fun every time, listening to stories like “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” and “Snow Friends”.


“Let’s play a card game!” says the teacher. “Yatta!” reverberate the students; except for one. This three-year-old boy has the spirit of a true scholar.

Instead of participating in the game with the other children, he picks up the teacher’s workbook, sits down at the desk, and goes about meticulously flipping through the pages. Wow!


“I have three grandmothers”, tells me this six-year-old student of mine. How great is that!? More treats during the holidays.


“This lunch is so delicious! My mom really nailed it this time! What!? An eating race!? What a waste…. We’re finally having lunch time but I can’t enjoy this great food”.

Those are the precious words of one of our six-year-old Saturday students. He loves you, Mom!


Well, where do you think all these animals go when the old man claims his mitten again? Somewhere in the forest surely!
The mouse lives in a hole in the wall; everybody knows that.

The boar lives inside a tree trunk. The wolves live in caves and on top of mountains. The frog lives in the pond. The fox lives in a hole.

I wonder where the rabbit and the bear live. Someone please tell me, and win a prize!
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