teacher, translator, electronics repairman?


pps2.png"Mr. A can do anything". So are the words often spoken by our school's esteemed directress, Ms. Horror. 

The veracity of this claim still remains unverified, but the belief is nonetheless getting stronger. 
And as expected, this brief introduction is followed by an anecdote about one of our students.

Yuuna has been coming to this school for a few months only, but she is very enthusiastic and motivated. On horror night she even kept a cool and seemingly unmoved demeanor while the other girls in her group were obviously very scared.

So the story goes like this. Yuuna's classmate Yui left for the USA recently, so it was only Yuuna and I last Friday. She came in and said goodbye to mom as usual. 

Then, as I prepared to start the class, she handed me a small piece of paper with something handwritten in pencil on it. As I deciphered the message it read "Mr. A, can you repair my DVD player??????". 

"Do you have your DVD player in your bag?" I asked. She said "no, it's at home". Now, doing service calls to student's homes to repair their electronic devices is really not a direction that I had considered about my career! 

I pondered on this momentarily as I found the thought somewhat amusing. Of course I can repair your DVD player, Yuuna!

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