Thine is the Turnip

Saturday Peter Pan, aahh! 

 The moment I walk through that front door at 11:30, and hear Karina and Wakana yell "It's Alaaaain!", I know it's going to be an entertaining day. P4050030.jpg

 A fairly interesting combination of personal characters indeed! 

Normally we have to make the class pretty dynamic as to keep these little minds rolling, but something unexpected happened last Saturday.

 May 11th, thirteen hundred hours: The afternoon class is moving ahead according to schedule-insofar as post-lunch chaos permits it to. 

Since it's time for the Great Big Enormous Turnip, I have the students (Haruki, Karina, Keisuke, Takumi Yuuri) sit down and open their books for a short enough take of Silent Listening Navigation as to not overwhelm their attention capacity.

 But as soon as I press play on the CD player, silence befalls the classroom.

Astounded, I look around and see that every student is attentively following the words in the book with their index fingers, and in quasi-perfect concert with the audio from the CD.

 A magical scene it was, as the spirit of the turnip descended on Paideia that day, and for a short time, turned all of the children into perfect little angels.

Let's go cycling around the Imperial Garden and visit the Science Museum!!
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