One Man or Another

ISG classes are composed of some of the greatest minds at Paideia.

Typically, students in these groups either are returnees from stays abroad, or have attained a somewhat fluent English proficiency by other means before joining this class.

Many of them are aiming for the higher grades of Eiken.

Here is the answer to a query we received about preparation for the Eiken pre-2nd grade interview test in the context of one of the ISG classes.

The commonly suggested answer in the Eiken pre-2nd grade interview preparation manuals concerning picture A on the interview card is the following pattern: “A man is picking up a box”, “A man is watering the plants”, “A child is pointing at the sky”, etc.

While these are perfectly good answers, I taught the students in my Tuesday ISG class to answer a little differently to avoid redundancy.

If there is more than one man, for example, the student can say: “One man is picking up a box. Another man is watering the flowers.”

And if there is only one child in the picture, the student can answer “The child is pointing at the sky”.

Though these nuances are not necessary for passing the pre-2nd grade test, they are important as they enrich the answer, and show a deeper understanding of the situation on the part of the student.

And it is precisely this depth of understanding and communication that will allow students to progress to the next level.

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