2014 in Strides

  Once again it seems that another year just flew by.  "2013 ends just when it seems it had just begun.  But as the common words of wisdom go:"time flies when you are having fun".  We must be having A LOT of fun!    

 We really got a lot of amazing students in 2013.  Smart, fun,
 and funny kindergarteners and grade school students.  I really consider myself lucky to be spending my days with such interesting children.  

The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 marks the reset of our Peter Pan cycle as well.  Already a fresh batch of youngsters is swarming in and replacing the once youngest.  The kindergarteners from last year are moving to the first grade, etc. 

 We begin the year not only with new faces in the student body, but also in the faculty.  Yes, good fortune is on our side.  

 So what's the plan ahead?  More exciting ways to make English stick, updated class schedules, and of course, a sense of adventure and a whole lot of fun!

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