Ghost Story by Alain

Every student that comes into Paideia has to learn the days of the week; and for Peter Pans, that's done through song. Aahh, the days of the week song! 

 This is one of my favorites that I owe to a former teacher of our school.
But I never thought that Monday, Tuesday, and their friends could have something scary about them. 

 You could say that Yusuke paid pretty close attention to my singing.
It was only Yusuke and I in the classroom that afternoon, as the other students had not arrived yet.
We went through the song as usual, and Yusuke understood very quickly that today was Tuesday. 

 He did very directly advise me, however, to change my singing style so as not to sound like a ghost.

A ghost!? "Yes" he said, "you are being scary!" Ok! I think I will exploit this skill at making ghostly voices for my future lessons. 

Prepare to be…FRIGHTENED!

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